Norshek's Wavy & Curly Hair Bundle

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    LE 666.00

    A hair bundle you'll just love, suitable for both wavy and curly hair! Your hair will be soft, smelling amazing and looked after with this set of products by Norshek.

    1. So Nice Shampoo Bar: A shampoo in the form of a soap with citrus extracts. It's a myth that shampoos have to be liquid, in fact solid bar shampoos are the original form and one that won't strip away all the natural oils of your hair or leave it with gunky chemical residue. It;s SLS free, Paraben free, Silicone free and infused with antibacterial oil mix.

    2. So So Nice Conditioner Bar: It works as a natural softener, de-tangler, has lighter oils for your scalp and is lighter for naturally oily hair. Keeps your hair soft and smelling amazing.

    3. Hairitated Hair Gel 500ml: A handmade fluidy hair gel with aloe flaxseed that nourishes your scalp, tames frizz, controls your waves nicely, and it includes a hair and scalp care formula.

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