Neuth Lightening Intelligence System Day Cream SPF15+

    Neuth France
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    The Lightening Intelligence System Day Cream SPF15+ by Neuth France offers a comprehensive solution for skin pigmentation issues. It combines 5 active ingredients to target and regulate dark spots, age spots, and UV spots. With SPF +15, it provides UV protection, preventing skin damage and hyperpigmentation. The system works on clearing existing spots and preventing new ones through a triple mechanism, resulting in reduced pigmentation and improved skin tone. It restricts tyrosinase activity, inhibits melanin migration, and offers antioxidant protection against free radicals. Our multi-corrective tone-perfecting cream combines these ingredients to promote even-toned skin.

    Results: Reduced and lightened dark spots for an even-toned complexion with UV protection.

    How to use it: Apply daily on irregular pigments on face and neck in the morning with a gentle rub.

    Size: 30ml

    التوصيل متاح للقاهرة والجيزة والاسكندرية في خلال ٢-٣ أيام عمل.
    - مصاريف الشحن للقاهرة والجيزة ٣٢ جنيه
    - مصاريف الشحن للاسكندرية ٣٥ جنيه
    - شحن مجاني للطلبات بقيمة ٦٥٠ وأعلى
    يمكن استرجاع المنتج خلال ٧ أيام من تاريخ استلامه في حالة إن كان بحالة سيئة أو تم استلام المنتج الخاطئ.

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    Neuth Lightening Intelligence System Day Cream SPF15+
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