The Perfect Skincare Routine Exists & Here’s What You Need to Do

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    The perfect skincare routine by ZYNAH.me - shop for beauty products in Egypt
    Too many products are available for your skin, and it can get both overwhelming and confusing on when to use what, or whether it’ll work for your or not, or how to use it in the right sequence. Did we get that right? We get many questions whether on ZYNAH.me or on Fustany.com asking us about the perfect skincare routine, and we thought we’d share with you what we personally have tried, tested and loved plus gotten amazing results with! We’ll do that for both morning and night, because that’s when you’ll need to focus on your skin, before you head out of your house, and before you go to sleep. Ready for the perfect skincare routine? Let’s go!


    The perfect skincare routine consists of four main steps, and maybe a few tiny ones in-between. While this might seem like a lot of investment (time wise), trust us it’s not, it’ll take you less than 7 minutes. The four main steps for the perfect skincare routine are:

    1. Cleansing: aka washing your face

    2. Toning: aka balancing your skin

    3. Moisturizing: aka hydrating and softening your skin

    4. Protecting: aka keeping your skin safe from surrounding factors
    To start feeling positive changes, you’ll need to be consistent and use the products somewhere between a month to a month and a half continuously. Always keep in mind that you need to apply products for your skincare routine from the thinnest to the thickest: cleanser, then toner then serum then moisturizer. The below includes your skincare routine in the morning and evening. Your skin tends to regenerate and repair itself while you’re sleeping, so if you ever come home late and you’re too tired to do your night skincare routine, push through, you’ll thank yourself later!

    1. CLEANSERS: 

    Even though this goes without saying, but face cleansing is the first step in any skincare routine, as it clears out any impurities and excess oil the might clog your pores. Find one that cleanses your skin without stripping away its healthy oils. Don’t go for harsh cleansers. We recommend natural soaps, face washes and micellar water for day to day use. If you have dry or sensitive skin, then use your face cleanser in the morning, and in the evening clean your face with micellar water (which works for all skin types). If you have normal, oily or combination skin, you can use the same cleanser in the morning or before you sleep.
    Scrubs are also considered face cleansers, whether you’re looking to get rid of impurities, unclog your pores, lighten your skin or wave goodbye to blackheads. It’s recommended to use scrubs once a week, but if you’re going for a lighter one, then twice a week would work too, unless you have sensitive or dry skin.

    2. TONERS: 

    You don’t have to, but it does go a long way with refreshing your skin. Toners remove the last trace of dirt from your skin that might be stuck deeper in your pores, even after washing your face. It also tends to tighten your pores, restores the pH level and improves your skin tone. Because toners are liquids, apply them before heavier things such as serums or moisturizers so they have a proper chance of getting absorbed into your skin and working properly for you. They work for both for your morning and night skincare routine.

    3. SERUMS:

    They’re lovely for your skin because they tend to work both ways in treating and protecting it. In the morning it’s usually recommended to go for a serum that includes vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for everyone no matter what age you are. It helps in reversing a lot of skin damage caused by external factors such as sun or pollution. If your skin is prone to hyper pigmentation, then vitamin C serum can reduce it and make it less severe for you, especially if used in the morning.it helps protect your skin and prevents damage during the day.
    At night you’ll need to pick between applying the same serum or a treatment if needed. Treatments are preferable at night, so let’s say your skin is acne prone, we recommend you be pro-active instead of treating them as they come. You get breakouts because oil is building up on your skin and it gets clogged, and by trying to keep all your pores clear you avoid acne.
    One more thing before we move onto the next step: eye cream. Works for both morning and night as well, lightly tap on targeted area of concern using your ring finger and do it with caution because you wouldn’t want to cause any damage on the most delicate area of your skin.


    Now to heavier formulas, moisturizers, which are crucial to keep your skin hydrated, fresh and healthy. Apply twice per day, in the morning and before going to sleep. Moisturizers in the morning will help your skin build blocks of moisture in. In the evening, it’s also a crucial step as it fights the loss of moisture that happens while you sleep. You could use your morning moisturizer (this is what we do) or go for a night-cream instead or perhaps an anti-aging cream.


    A lot of us often forget to use their sunscreen, but we kid you not it’s the most important step in your whole skincare routine, whether it’s sunny outside or not! Sun is the main reason why your skin might age faster than it should. Also, if you have hyper pigmentation, and you're using a cream to treat it, but you’re not using sunscreen then it won’t work as effectively at all! At least 30 SPF or higher is recommended, apply on your face, neck and potentially your hands too.

    If you’d like to go the extra mile, and it’ll show, then include the following in your routine:
    Face Oils: If your skin needs extra moisture feel free to replace moisturizers in the evening with a face oil. Don’t worry face oils won’t cause breakouts or acne, as a matter of fact they’ll help softening your skin in an amazing way.

    Massaging your face: You can include that within your daily routine, or do it once every other day, but massaging your skin after applying your moisturizer or face oil (in the right direction) will do wonders for you. Think extra natural glow, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and more skin elasticity.

    Masks: Be it sheet masks, clay ones or peel off ones, your skin needs that type of positivity ideally once a week. We suggest you pick one according to your own preference; be it hydration, removing impurities, anti-aging, options are endless.

    Last but not least, hydrate from the inside, drink at least six glasses a day to stay hydrated and healthy. We know drinking water has many health benefits, but let’s focus for now on its contribution to your skincare routine; it helps you maintain your skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles or fine lines in addition to keeping your skin clearer.

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