All You Need to Know About Raw African Products in Egypt

    Raw African is an Egyptian beauty brand specializing in hair and skincare products that include natural ingredients, are cruelty free (they never test on animals) and all their products are vegan. Raw African are quite known for products such as the Follicle Booster, their natural deodorants, hair care products and more.


    Raw African products on ZYNAH Egypt

    Raw African believes that self-expression through beauty products and what works best for you shouldn’t come with an unreasonable price tag. Raw African as a brand and its products are quite affordable and their aim is to make it accessible to everyone in Egypt and soon the Middle East.


    With 100% natural products, Raw African offers a wide range of beauty products such as natural oils, deodorants, body butters, scrubs, natural soaps, hair care items, eye creams and shower gels to mention a few, with some of the most coveted scents; think berries, oud, African blossom, lemon, rose. They want to encourage more and more women to go for natural beauty products, as our bodies need more care, and doing so through healthy components is crucial. All Raw African products include raw materials that are natural and free of any chemicals, which is awesome!


    Our favorite thing about Raw African is that they’re a cruelty free brand, and they participate in the fight for animal rights. They only buy ingredients from sources that do not commission tests on animals. Raw African is passionate about the quality of their products and comply with international standards when it comes to safety. There are no preservatives within their products, and they use fresh organic fruits, vegetables and the finest essential oils. Now let’s talk about their product range in more depth…


    Follicle Booster by Raw African for Hair:
    The Follicle Booster is a mix of hair oils that feed the lazy follicles of your hair to get you the best results in the shortest time period. Using your Follicle Booster by massaging your scalp with it for 2 minutes, then leaving it on for 2 hours before taking a shower, will help you get rid of empty scalp areas, thin hair. It will also prevent hair loss, as Raw African are using a 100% natural formula with the strongest oils that promote your hair growth.

     Follicle Booster by Raw African Before & After Results on ZYNAH Egypt


    Follicle Booster (Eyebrow Edition) by Raw African:
    The Follicle Booster also has an edition for your eyebrows which will result in thicker and healthier eyebrows minus empty spots. It consists of a mixture of almond, argan, rosemary and pumpkin seed oils. With the Follicle Booster eyebrow edition, you’ll leave it on for 30 minutes to one hour, then wash it well with soap. You’ll need to do so twice a week.
     Follicle Booster Eyebrow Edition on ZYNAH Egypt
    Raw African Soaps: They range from the collagen soap (helps with skin elasticity), chamomile soap (for whitening and dryness), tea tree soap (for acne) and charcoal soap (for acne + black heads).
    Shower Gels and Body Lotions: A wonderful collection of scents by Raw African, think berry, oud, African blossom and coconut.
    Exfoliators: For your skin to stay extra smooth and healthy, you need to regularly exfoliate and scrub it to get rid of dead skin cells. This way your body will start responding better to any treatments or creams. Raw African exfoliators come in berry, coffee, African blossom and oud.
    Deodorants: A lot of women are transitioning towards natural deodorants and we’re personally big fans of the Raw African ones, free of aluminum and harsh chemicals that clog your pores and allow you to sweat naturally. They’re available in rose, lemon, white musk and baby powder scents.
    Lip Treatments: from lip scrubs to balms, you can find them in cherry (and it’s tinted), coconut and cotton candy.
    Raw African products on ZYNAH
    Raw African for Curly Hair:
    Besides offering a quite interesting range for curly hair in Egypt, what we especially like is their two ranges for hair products, one for low prosperity and another for high prosperity hair.
    1. Curl Enhancers: They come in two types, the first being the Shea Curl Enhancer which is for high porosity hair, and the second being Maya Curl Enhancer for low porosity hair. A leave-in cream that also defines your curls amazingly, adds volume and moisture with its 100% natural ingredients.
    2. Hair Masks: They also come in two types, the Raw Shea Hair Mask for high porosity hair, and the Raw Maya Hair Mask for low porosity hair. Raw African’s hair masks help you treat split ends and damaged hair to give it back its strength.
    3. Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner: They promote hair growth, reduce frizz and leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. The shampoo and conditioner by Raw African include a blend of argan oil, jojoba oil and green tea extract. They’re free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates, silicone and mineral oils.
     Hair care products online on ZYNAH Egypt
    Raw African for your Skin:
    1. Eye Cream: Raw African’s eye cream treats dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines with 100% natural ingredients; it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins like E, C and A.
    2. Intense Hydration Facial Cream: A moisturizing face cream for all skin types that treats dark spots, blemishes, lightens acne scars and firms your skin.
    3. Night Facial Cream: Your skin does most of its work at night, and this cream by Raw African leads your skin to less visible wrinkles, getting rid of dark spots, acne scars, resulting in a youthful complexion.
     Skincare products on Raw African on ZYNAH Egypt
    Raw African’s best-sellers include:
    Throughout the past period, ZYNAH.me has been selling Raw African products, and we can definitely tell you that the below ones are the their best-sellers - in case you were wondering what other women (and sometimes men) purchase the most. Raw African’s top 5 best-selling products include:
    1. Follicle Booster
    2. Curl Enhancers
    3. Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
    4. Lip Balms
    Buy Raw African products in Egypt on ZYNAH.me, such as their Follicle Booster (hair or eyebrows), Maya or Shea Curl Enhancers, Argan Oil Shampoo or Conditioner and much more right here…


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