Vitamin C 101: Benefits, How To & the Best Products in Egypt



    Oranges, lemon, kiwi and all the citrus fruits under the sun are jam packed with Vitamin C, however that doesn't mean you should lather up the orange juice laying in your fridge all over your face. 

    The type of Vitamin C you should be adding to your skincare routine is the one infused in serums and creams that are made alongside complementing ingredients intended to be used on your skin. Vitamin C is a vital ingredient for your skin, which aids in keeping it young and healthy for as long as possible.

    There are many misconceptions, misinformation and myths when it comes to Vitamin C, that is why we are here to set the story straight with your guide to everything Vitamin C and the top vitamin C products in Egypt. 

    Benefits of Vitamin C to your skin: 

    1- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

    To say that vitamin C helps in reducing the formation and prominence of wrinkles and fine lines is not an exaggeration or a marketing trick. Vitamin C is proven to contain numerous amounts of powerful antioxidants that help in nourishing the skin from within, as well as rejuvenating your skin, leaving it feeling smoother and looking youthful. By doing so it decreases the amounts of free radicals created and boosts collagen production, which consequently lead to fewer wrinkles and fine lines.  

    2- Protects skin from sun damage  

    Vitamin C is wildly popular as a means to reduce and treat sun damage. In addition to its anti-aging properties, it is known to help in skin rejuvenation and cell rebuilding, therefore reducing the damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. PSA, it is no way a substitute to sunscreen, though when combined, they can do wonders for your skin. In fact, applying vitamin c serum before your sunscreen can maximize its effectiveness & double protect your skin from sun damage.

    3- Reduces inflammation & speeds healing 

    Whether you have sensitive skin, get red splotches easily, or you experience regular redness and swelling from acne breakouts, vitamin C can aid in calming those inflamed cells as well as soothing the overall irritation of your skin with its incredible anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immune system as well. Vitamin C can also soothe sunburns & boost wound healing when combined with vitamin E.

    4- Reduce discoloration and uneven skin tones

    Having acne and occasional breakouts are irritating enough, we don't need a reminder of them even after they aren't active. Vitamin C is said to impede melanin production, which is the pigment responsible for your skin color, meaning that if more melanin is being produced due to consistent use of vitamin c, then consequently it helps in fading dark spots and hyperpigmented scars while brightening the overall appearance of your skin. This can even out your skin tone & give you a healthy glow.

    5- Improves hydration and moisture absorption 

    Dry skin loves vitamin C. If you have dry skin, adding vitamin C to your skincare routine is a must especially if you have tried most of the moisturizing creams and serums available at your local drugstore but have found that nothing can counteract your dry, flaky skin. Vitamin C supplies your skin with all the nutrients it truly needs for maximum hydration and replenishment. 

    Reduces the appearance of dark under eyes

    If you're tired and haven't had a good night's sleep since the fifth grade, then Vitamin C should be your best friend. Like its effectiveness in reducing overall redness, vitamin c has shown to alleviate discoloration around the eyes or dark circles.

    How to use vitamin C

    A little bit goes along way, so when applying vitamin C serums make sure to: 

      Patch test first (to test against allergic reactions

      Cleanse your face and thoroughly dry.

      Apply small amounts (2-3 drops) pre moisturizer & sunscreen. 

      Use once or twice daily. 

    How to Choose the best Vitamin C

    Prices of face serums can vary, purchasing an extremely overpriced vitamin c doesn't necessarily mean that it is pure and excludes artificial ingredients. That is why the most important thing when it comes to choosing which vitamin c to purchase is to look at the product's ingredients. The first vital factor is the vitamin c concentration levels. Anything with a percentage higher than 8 and lower than 20 is perfect for maximum effectiveness. In addition, when looking for a good vitamin c product make sure it also contains vitamin E, which helps in delivering the vitamin C to your skin cells as well as providing a powerful antioxidant protection duo to your skin.

    Best Vitamin C serum Products in Egypt 

    Vitamin C is sometimes set at high end prices, that is why we are giving you a wide range of options to choose from, from most to least expensive.

    1. The Vichy LIFTACTIV Vitamin C Serum is one of the best serums in the market as it contains one of the highest concentrations (15%) out there, it's pricey but hefty.

    Vichy LIFTACTIV Vitamin C Serum- ZYNAH

    2. The La Roche Posay 10% Pure Vitamin C Serum is a great option for anyone looking for a Vitamin C serum with the recommended concentration but more on the high end side.

    La Roche Posay 10% Pure Vitamin C Serum-zynah

    3. The 15% Vitamin C & Niacinamide Brightening serum from HG Aesthetics is a one of a kind option as it has ideal Vitamin C concentration for an extremely suitable price, in addition to having Vitamin E as well, which as mentioned works hand in hand with Vitamin C for maximum effectiveness.

    15% Vitamin C & Niacinamide Brightening serum from HG Aesthetics-ZYNAH

    4. With a 10% vitamin C concentration, the Cleo laboratories Vitamin C Cleo glow serum is made with an exclusive formula that leaves the skin energized and plump after use. It has a unique and enriching formula that is perfect for its price point.

    Cleo laboratories Vitamin C -ZYNAH

    More Vitamin C infused products

    Because Vitamin C is such an effective and useful ingredient for your skin and immune system in general, more products are now available in the market infused with small amounts of Vitamin C in order to subtly give you the effect that Vitamin C supplies without adding more products to your daily routine. 


    The Garnier Fast Bright Vitamin C Purifying Gel Wash is a great facial wash that can be used to thoroughly cleans and brighten your skin due to it having Vitamin C as one of the main ingredients.

     Garnier Fast Bright Vitamin C Purifying Gel Wash-ZYNAH

    The Bobana Vitamin C Face Wash is another effective alternative with its creamy formula enriched with Vitamin C that will clean your face and give you that extra radiant glow.

    Bobana vitamin c face wash-ZYNAH

    Face & Eye Creams

    The Garnier Skin Active Fast Fairness Day Cream with Vitamin C & Lemon is a day cream enriched with 3x vitamin c and lemon which visibly aids in fading dark spots, while brightening your overall complexion in addition to giving your skin its daily needed moisture intake. 


    The Bobana Marine Collagen & Vitamin C Gel is a double-functional gel enriched with Marine Collagen & Vitamin C microbeads which are excellent skin-brighteners, that effectively whitens dark spots to boost skin elasticity, making your skin look smoother and firmer. The ultra-light collagen gel intensively supplies moisture to the middle layer of your skin, boosting its elasticity. 

    Raw African's Eye Cream is an amazing eye cream that treats dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines with it's 100% natural formula, rich in antioxidants and vitamins like E, C, A that give you healthy, youthful and bright looking eyes.

    Masks & Scrubs 

    The Bobana Vitamin C Scrub Gel gives your skin that weekly reset, it exfoliates your face and all its dead skin cells all while managing your uneven skin tones and dark spots.

    The Bobana Vitamin C Scrub Gel

     The Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Anti Dark Circles Tissue Mask with Orange Juice  is an eye patch that is infused with an ultra-light moisturizing formula enriched with Orange Juice and Hyaluronic Acid. It is a great option when you want an instant brightening and plumping effect under your eyes. 

    With all of Vitamin C’s amazing benefits and merits, it can still harm your skin if not used according to the application instructions and dosages. That is why we advise you to stick to the how to use direction and avoid over using for maximum efficacy and minimum damage. 

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