Top 10 Anti-Frizz Hair Products to Shop in Egypt!


    Do you wake up with floofy, poofy and unmanageable hair? Why do you think that is?

     A common misconception between us all is that humidity is the only cause for frizzy hair, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to frizz, that is why we’re coming to you with 10 products that’ll help say goodbye to frizzy hair for good. 

    If you're looking for a quick, one size-fits-all frizz treatment, we’re sorry to tell you, but there is no magical solution. There are, however, tons of products you can try that can definitely help you in getting rid of your tiresome frizz once and for all.

    What are the common causes of hair frizz? 

    - Humidity: Yes, humidity is the main cause of frizz. During hot, humid days the moisture of your hair’s outer layer is sucked dry, causing your hair to swell and “poof”. 

    Too much friction: A cotton pillowcase causes friction. A regular towel causes friction. We all use these on a daily basis, did you ever think that they might be the reason for your crazy hair? The friction between your hair and towels and pillowcases will also over dry your hair, causing unnecessary frizz, that is why microfiber towels and satin pillows are a must now. 

    Harsh Products: Harsh chemicals like sulfates and alcohols present in your daily hair cleansers and styling products can definitely have a hand in overdrying your hair, stripping it from all its natural oils, which naturally smooth it out. 

    - Washing your hair everyday: Like using harsh products, washing your hair everyday will strip all the naturally produced oils that help your hair stay healthy, tame and shiny. Stripping all the natural oils will lead to dry and frizzy hair.

    - Hot tools: We all love heat styling our hair. If it's not for a special event, it’s to look and feel good every now and then. Eliminating heat tools forever is unrealistic, therefore limiting it as well as counteracting the heat with heat protectors is recommended 

    Products that will hydrate and counteract frizz 

    Hydration is key when it comes to getting rid of frizz, so let's start with your regular shampoos and conditioners. 

    Shampoos & Conditioners

    Our first recommendation should be on the top of your list just from its name.

    The Hair Addict offers the “Frizz-Off” line, which is specifically designed to eliminate frizz and reduce static while keeping your hair moisturized and shiny thanks to its cationic ingredients. 

    1- The Frizz Off Shampoo:

    Cleanses the hair without drying it out since it’s sulfate, salt, and alcohol-free, in addition to balancing your scalp’s PH and improving its overall health. 

    2- The Frizz Off Conditioner:

    Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5, macadamia oil, and papaya extract, the Frizz Off Conditioner keeps your hair hydrated, defined, and frizz-free until your next wash. 

    Next comes the Bobana Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.

    3- The Coconut Oil Shampoo from Bobana:

     Is enriched with coconut oil that deeply cleanses and moisturizes dry & damaged hair, mainly focusing on deeply nourishing your hair and giving it all the necessary moisture it needs to stay healthy and frizz–free, because as we said before, dehydration and dryness are the main causes for frizz. 

    4- The Coconut Oil Conditioner:

    Works hand in hand with the shampoo to deliver the most effective level of hydration and nourishment to the hair cuticle that will substantially eliminate frizz.  

    Hair Masks

    Like the Frizz Off Shampoo & Conditioner,


    5- The Frizz Off Deep Conditioner:

    Supplies your hair with all the nutrition & rejuvenation it’ll need for moisturized, radiant and soft hair with its premium formula enriched with tropical Papaya extract, moisturizing Panthenol, and nutritious Macadamia oil.

    One of the most protein packed hair masks out there is the:

    6- Glow Hair Mask by Rhea Beauty:

     Having been jam packed with protein to effectively strengthen and hydrate your hair. This hair mask helps counteract brittle, falling hair, in addition to frizzy hair. 

    7- The Bubblzz Shea Butter Pomade:

    Is also an amazing product to help in ridding your hair from frizz as shea butter is one of the most moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. It provides intense hydration, in addition to aiding in curl definition and frizz elimination. 

    Serums & Styling 

    Other than your in-shower products that will nourish your hair from within, your post shower and styling regime must incorporate hydrating and moisturizing products to help in fighting against humidity and outdoor dryness that your hair might face. A great hair serum that has proven its effectiveness against frizz is the  

    8- L'Oreal Paris Elvive Frizz Killer Serum:

    Which does exactly that. It tames frizzy hair, static and flyaways, in addition to protecting against heat damage (up to 230°C degrees) when applied before heat styling.

    9- The Norshek Hairytale serum:

    Is a hair hydration oil mix, adding moisture and shine to your hair, and providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs. It also controls frizz, breakage and strengthens roots. This serum can both be used as a hair serum or for deep hydration masks. 

    Last but not least, for all the curly heads, a great frizz tamer and curl definer is

    10- The Jevan Flax Max Natural Hair Gel:

    With its lightweight, natural formula, ensures you maximum curl definition, intense hydration and a non-sticky feel.  It works to define your natural hair texture, reduces frizz and keeps your hair soft and shiny until your next styling session. 

    Now you have it ladies, your guide to the 10 most effective products when it comes to getting rid of your frizz. You can also check out other hydrating products Zynah, as well as more products to make up your frizz-free curly hair routine. And don’t forget, dry hair equals poofy hair.  


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