8 Skincare Tips to Transform your Skin Game

    We all know that achieving flawless skin is not easy to come by, and sometimes unrealistic. However, we all strive to attain the best version our skin can reach. Even Though each skin type and skin nature is different, there are a few tips, 8 to be specific, that will help you in venturing into the skincare world, and transforming your skin in the process.

    1- Know your skin type:

    Getting to know and understand your skin before applying any type of routine is crucial. Understanding your skin chemistry will help you in establishing a routine that is specifically chosen, with ingredients that will surely do more good than harm.

    How to determine your skin type?

    To correctly identify your skin type all you have to do is:

    - Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then gently pat dry.

    - Wait 30 Minutes.

    - If your skin feels and looks shiny, then you probably have oily skin

    - If your skin becomes flaky and patchy, then you probably have dry skin.

    - If your T-zone is the only area showing oil collection, then you probably have combination skin.

    - If your skin feels hydrated and comfortable, but not oily, then you probably have Normal skin.

    2- Establish a routine: 

    Buying a tonne of products and applying them once a week will never get you anywhere. You gotta make sure that what you’re applying onto your skin will actually aid in bettering your skin, in addition to not reacting to other products you’re applying. This is why doing your homework, and knowing exactly which products do and don’t work together is extremely important. In addition, knowing the ideal layering order to your skincare routine can make or break your routine. For a thorough guide and correct recommendations for building a skincare routine, check our “The Perfect Skincare Routine Exists & Here’s What You Need to Do” blog. 

    3- Sunscreen is everything: 

    That's right, if you gotta choose one skincare product to use for the rest of your life, the right answer is SUNSCREEN. To avoid early signs of aging, use your sunscreen. To protect against sun damage, use your sunscreen. To prevent skin cancer, use your sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later. 

    4- Don’t forget about your neck:

     Most of us do, but neglecting your neck from your skincare routine can cause a difference in aging rates and the overall appearance between your face and neck. Your neck and chest should get equal treatments as your face, as that ensures it is getting enough support as your skin ages.  

    5- Stop touching your face:

     A leading cause of acne and sporadic breakouts is the presence of certain bacteria on your skin. These bacteria are most likely due to you touching your face every 2 seconds. Washing your hands before applying your skincare is also a must, even if you’ve been lounging at home all day. 

    6- Never use expired products:

     Expiration dates are real girls. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that products are good for use after they've expired, especially in skincare. Skincare products are made using certain ingredients that can not only be ineffective after expiration, but they may also harm your skin. 

    7- Hydrated skin is epic: 

    When it comes to skincare, hydrating is everything. Having nourished and hydrated skin is your key to healthy, perfected skin. Oily skinned girls, you too. Having Oily skin doesn't mean that your skin is well-hydrated, you need to keep your skin hydrated, otherwise it might counteract the dryness with excess oils. Find a wide range of hydrating products on Zynah to counteract any type of dehydration or dryness. 

    8- Pat don't, swipe:

     Patting your skin dry can be a game changer. Using a rough towel, and swiping your face dry can break your skin. The rough towel texture can cause tiny, invisible tears on your skin that can collect bacteria and form into pimples. Furthermore, swiping is a big no no as it can cause early aging signs.

    Now you have it girls, 8 skincare tips that will make, and not break your skin. If you follow these 8 steps, you’re 8 steps closer to having nourished, hydrated, & perfected skin.

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