5 Pampering Essentials for A Perfect At-Home SPA Day



    After a long, tiring week hard at work, and a never ending list of things you had to do, why not take a day to yourself and enjoy the quiet? We all feel the endless pressures of life and responsibilities, but that doesn't mean we don’t deserve a day just for us, where all you have to do is chill and enjoy a spa day from the comfort of your home with 5 of our favorite pampering day essentials.

    No pampering day can start without lighting up a candle first, so get stage the day and get your lighters ready girlies. Before starting your body care regime, don't forget to apply a heavy dollop of your most nourishing hair mask on your hair and a hydrating face mask and just leave them on to settle.  If you’re one who suffers from strawberry skin or cellulite, a quick at home solution is dry brushing. 

    1. Dry Brush

    Dry brushing is used to remove dead skin cells and help the body from ridding itself from toxins, all while increasing circulation. It is a method that has been around for ages, and has proven to be effective whether you want to decrease the appearance of cellulite or just enhance your skin health and smoothness. To effectively dry brush you must:

    1- Start from your feet and slowly move upwards. 

    2- Brush your skin using circular, clockwise strokes.

    3- Don’t use excessive pressure while brushing. 

    4- Brush your arms last, upwards towards your armpits. 

    5- Take a cool or lukewarm shower to help in removing the dead skin.


    A great option for a local, budget friendly dry brush is the Nut Botanicals Premium Vegan Dry Brush, which has a simple and practical design that’s also detachable and it will successfully help you in decreasing the appearance of strawberry skin and cellulite, all while stimulating blood circulation to leave your skin soft and glowing. 

    2. Bath Bombs & Salts

    Then comes the shower, or shall we say a long soaking, lukewarm bath. Soak all the stress and tasks of the week and start fresh with new, supple skin. You can amplify the benefits to a good bath soak by adding some fragrant bath salts, fizzing bath bombs and essential oils. Here are some amazing and affordable options you can use:

    Areej’s Lavender Bath Bomb 

    Bobana’s Berries Spa Salts  

    Bubblzz Lavender Bath Fizzy Powder

    3. Shower Gels & Soaps

    After soaking until your little heart desires, make sure to wash off all the excess salts and soaps with a gentle body cleanser or gel for squeaky clean and soft skin. There are also many types of body soaps that are made with all natural ingredients and 0 chemicals, white being effectively cleansing. Here are some of our favorites: 

    - African Blossom Body Wash

    - Trindiva Summer Dance Shower Gel

    - Luna Twist Berries Shower Gel 

    - Daylight Delight Moisturizing Shower Gel


    If you're in the mood for a moroccan bath, then replace the shower gel with a moroccan black soap. Apply the soap to your body, then use an exfoliating glove, to rub your skin and remove all the dead skin. keep rubbing for 5-10 minutes then rinse your body. 

    Bobana Moroccan Soap with Argan Oil

    Bobana Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil

    4. Body Creams & Lotions

    Getting out of a hot shower is sometimes trying to our skin, that's why you should make sure to moisturize your body and give it a little love with a nourishing or hydrating body cream.  

    Here Are some we think you’ll like:

    - Norshek Skin Kin Body Lotion

    - Areej Lavender Body Cream  

    - Raw African African Blossom Body Lotion


    5. Face Massaging Tools

    Lastly, before getting ready for bed, make sure to apply your skin care routine, making sure to massage in all your face creams and serums with a Gua Sha or Face Roller to help sink in all those nourishing ingredients deep into your skin. 

    Here are a few face massager options if you don’t have one already:

    - HG Aesthetics Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller 

    - Hathor Organics Face Roller (Black Obsidian)/(Opalite)

    - Only on Zynah Gua Sha Facial Massager + Face Roller Duo

    We have taken you through a basic at-home pampering day you most definitely deserve. For more pampering inspo, check out our at home SPA BUNDLES for some must have pampering day essentials. Don't forget to treat yourself to a few screen free hours and pick up a good book or meditate for a change.

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